Submission to the journal

Dear organizers,

you mentioned that “The top 5 scoring teams will be invited […] to coauthor a journal paper about the challenge.”

I just want to ask about the choice of the journal. Will it be a journal with impact factor, i.e. journal from the Thomson Reuters Master journal list?


Thanks for the question! Yes, it will be a peer-reviewed journal with an impact factor.

We plan to work with the winning teams to make the final decision, but possibilities include (but aren’t limited to) IEEE-TMI and Radiology AI.

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Dear @neheller

It has been mentioned in the website page under rules tab:
" You are welcome to submit your manuscript as a technical report, to, or even to a fully peer-reviewed venue, but you must provide a valid URL at the time of submission."

I could not fully understand, how can we provide a valid URL when the paper is under review?


Our thinking was that you could provide a URL to a preprint either on a personal webpage or a preprinting service such as arxiv.

It was suggested that we the organizers publish post-proceedings with each team’s manuscript. We’re working with the library at our institution to explore this idea and we will keep you updated.