Posters on MICCAI, post-proceedings

Dear organizers,

I would like to ask if there would be some space to promote our work on MICCAI - i.e. poster section?
Better yet would you mediate any publication process, i.e. post-proceedings?

Thank you very much for your reply.

Best regards
Alzbeta Tureckova

I am supportive of these ideas, but I’ll have to do some digging into how they might be implemented.

MICCAI hasn’t yet informed us about the time and space that we’ll be given for the event, but since a poster session wasn’t part of our challenge proposal, I’m not sure if it will be feasible to secure space to show posters.

About a publication process: One of our priorities when designing the challenge was to ensure that the methods used by participants would be reproducible, and that’s why we are requiring submissions to have an accompanying manuscript. Beyond that, we don’t have strong views on how to best facilitate the publication of these manuscripts. Could you expand on what you would like to see?

Other challenges have instructed participants to submit their manuscripts to, but this is not always well-received by their moderators (e.g. ISIC 2018).

What I have in mind was some kind of post-proceedings, as in BrainLess challenge last year.
Right now I understand the rules in a way that the technical report in pdf available online for example on GitHub would be enough for you. Or do you plan to review the handed in manuscripts?

We have spent some time discussing this internally and working with our library service. The solution we’ve come to is to create a new “Digital Collection” at the University of Minnesota for these manuscripts. This will keep participants from having to find a suitable place on their own, and it will ensure that all manuscripts are indexed by Google Scholar. For an example, see the Proceedings of the Commercial Field Production of Cut and Dried Flowers Conference.

To your question about reviewing: we will be moderating the manuscripts for the sole requirement listed in the rules: “…must have sufficient detail for a third party to replicate your methods and reproduce your results.”

Our plan for future MICCAI conferences is to propose a workshop for renal image analysis that will house challenge proceedings as well as other original research manuscripts in this area, similar to BrainLes, as you mentioned.

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