When is the submission reopen

I join the challenge a bit late and didn’t get a chance to submit my result. I kind of hope to submit my result to see the ranking. When is the submission reopen, anyone knows?

Sorry for the delay on this, @harry. I’m hoping to launch the open leaderboard sometime in the next 24 hours.

The admins at grand-challenge.org requested that we change our evaluation Docker container to give more descriptive error messages so they would stop getting so many emails about our challenge. I’ve been on travel until now so I haven’t gotten a chance to do it yet, but tomorrow I’m back in the lab :slight_smile:

Edit: Submission has reopened!

Thank you very much.

How long will submission for testing be open?

It will be open for the foreseeable future. At the least, we have no plans to close it in the next year or two

In the submission section it says “Scores reported by this mechanism are approximate in that they are calculated using only on a randomly selected 45 of the test cases. This random sampling is repeated with each submission, so you are unlikely to be evaluated on the same 45 as a prior score report or that of another given team.”

So every time I submit, the result that appears is the average calculated using only 45 of the test cases at random?

That was just for the submission period for the MICCAI leaderboard. Now it is giving you your score on all 90 test cases every time.

How do I individually view each patient’s outcome?

The scores for each individual patient are not available. This is to mitigate test set optimization.