The MICCAI 2019 Program

As you probably know, our proposal was accepted to hold this challenge in conjunction with the 2019 International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI) in Shenzhen. The day and time-slot are still unknown, but we’re starting to put together a program for the event. This will certainly include an overview of the significance of the task as well as short talks from the 5 top-scoring teams about their methods, but beyond that, we’d like to hear your opinion.

What would you like to see as a part of the KiTS Challenge workshop?

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What is the reward for the winner of this competition?

Good question. We will announce the prize(s) by mid-April at the latest.

Hi, Neheller,

what is limitation on the team size? how many participant is allow for each team?


There is no limitation on team size.

It’s taking us longer than expected to nail this down. We’ll announce prizes as soon as possible, but it may take another month or so. Apologies for the delay.

As stated in the recent announcement, the winners will be awarded $5,000 USD courtesy of Intuitive Surgical.