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We’re just 9 hours from the deadline!

As we probably could have anticipated, we’re receiving a very high volume of submissions at the moment. We are processing them as fast as we can in the order that they’re received, but you will probably experience some delay before you’re given a chance to view these last approximate scores.

Our only guarantee is that submissions are processed within 24 hours, so we can’t promise that all submissions today will get approximate scores before the deadline, especially for those at the very end, but we’re doing our best!


@neheller : We have submitted a solution 1.5 hours ago.
Can we get the score for that submission ?
Hope it is not considered too late !

Thanks for your efforts.

I’m working my way down to it! I think I’ll get to yours in about a half hour.

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Thanks a lot for this confirmation.

With the exception of three submissions in progress right now, I believe I’m all caught up! Please send me an email if you’re waiting for anything.