Social Media Image Sharing

Good afternoon Nick,

Hope to find you well. I’ve been meaning to reach out to you in regards to sharing an image showing the segmentation label in 2D form as well as 3D on social media (e.g. Instagram). I was reviewing the LICENSE section under the GitHub repository but couldn’t conclude if it was okay to do so or not?

I was hoping if you could put me in the right direction in regards to this. And if it’s possible to share, wondering if there is a specific Copyright format you would like me to follow. I would love to share some of this amazing work with my peers.

Best, and thank you for your time, once again.


Hi Andres,

Thanks for checking with me! You’re more than welcome to share the data and any information about the challenge on social media. Some form of attribution would be nice but we’re not picky about it :slight_smile:


Great!! I will make sure to do so :slightly_smiling_face: