Short Papers Are Due in One Week!

Please be sure to submit your paper by 23:59 PDT on August 23rd to be eligible to compete in the challenge.

As a reminder, please use the paper template [Overleaf, MS Word, Google Docs] as a starting point when preparing your submission to ensure that you include the required information.

Do I have to fill out all the sections there are in the template?
For example, me preparing for the submission is still under processing and I didn’t decide what model, training scheme to choose. I can’t give you my experimental results. Is it okay to write only methods for the short paper?

You will be given the opportunity to edit your paper during and after the submission period. For the initial submission by August 23, please try to be as complete as possible and feel free to note where information is tentative.

@neheller We did not get results yet, even on validation. Will it be too critical to add them later during the submission period?

That’s okay. Please just submit what you have before August 23 deadline. The reviewers will likely ask for this information in a revision but as long as you add it before the end of the submission period, you will still be eligible.

Thank you for the quick reply. Got it!

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