Segmentation in KiTS 2021

Hello everyone,
I’m working on KiTS 2021 data. I use nibabel package to read aggregated_{X}segnii.gz file and extract the segmentation map. Picture below is an example. (case 00200, axial direction, frame 40)

In segmentation above, it only has kidney and tumor annotation without cyst annotation. In KiTS 2021 Challenge, we have to segment Kidney, Tumor and Cyst, so it means that I have to take the Cyst annotations from case
{}/segmentations/cyst_instance-{}-annotation-{}.nii.gz file to train, right?
The picture below is Cyst annotation I draw from case_00200/segmentations/cyst_instance-2-annotation-1.nii.gz, frame 40.

Thank for your reading.

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Thanks for pointing this out. Which version of the dataset are you visualizing here? I’m on v2.1.1 and it looks like this issue is resolved. Below is the same frame in aggregated_MAJ_seg.nii.gz in v2.1.1

Screenshot from 2021-06-29 10-16-45