Relation/dependence between Tumor and Cyst

I have no experience/insight with Kidney Tumor/Cyst surgery.

I have seen lots of cases this challenge gave and found that their occurrence is quite independent.

Is there a procedure/process between Tumor and Cyst?
I wonder if Cyst happens after Tumor or Tumor happens after Cyst.
Or, a patient who has Tumor might have Cyst with a high possibility.

Thanks in advance.

My understanding is that cysts are very common in the general population, and slightly more common in patients with tumors. Every patient in our cohort will have a tumor since we filtered to include only patients who later had surgery to remove the tumor(s). During that surgery, cysts are generally ignored.

The primary reason we are interested in segmenting cysts as distinct from the kidney is because cystic volume does not participate in filtration, and so we’d like to be able to subtract cystic volume from kidney volume when predicting things like post-operative renal function.

Does this answer your question?

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