Nii to dcm conversion code

I find difficult to convert nii to dcm. please anyone help me with the code.
thanks & regards

Yeah, that’s not trivial. There are many packages (e.g. ITK, nibabel) that are able to load NIIs as well as DICOMs, so you should be able to use the data for challenge purposes in its current format.

If you’re interested, this data will be released soon in DICOM format through The Cancer Imaging Archive, but I don’t have an exact date for that yet.

Thanks for the reply neheller. please confirm with the date of releasing and let me know.


you said the dataset would be published on the CIA. I want to know if the dataset has more label information such as genomic mutation labels as the TCGA-KIRC dataset. If it available or the case id can be corresponding to the submitter-id in some datasets in CIA, please let me know, I want to use these dataset to do more research than just segmentation.

Thank you!

The collection will be called C4KC-KiTS, and the case ids will correspond such that case_00123 maps to KiTS-00123.

Unfortunately we don’t have mutation data for these patients, but we do have formalin-fixed specimens, so we could theoretically get this data along with pathology slides in the future.

What we do have is patient demographics (e.g. age, gender, comorbidities) and surgical outcomes (e.g. blood loss, ischemia time, complications). These data will be released with the TCIA collection, so they’re not available yet, but a description of these fields can be found in the data description preprint,