KiTS21 $5000 prize

Hi, I am Zhongchen Zhao, the leader of the team that won the KiTS21 challenge. I would like to inquire about the $5000 prize. I haven’t received it yet.

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Hi Zhongchen. I’m so sorry to hear this. Our sponsor assured me several months ago when I introduced you that the checks were being sent. Please cc me and my advisor Nikos on any further email threads with Histosonics so that we can follow up.

Thanks for your reply. I’m sure that I haven’t received any email from Histosonics before. And I will cc you and your advisor on any further email threads with Histosonics. Did Histosonics say how to transfer the prize? Do I need to provide my information, such as a credit card number?

Let’s continue this conversation in our email thread.