Detailed Manuscripts are Required, and Other Reminders


Three reminders for everyone:

1 – You must provide a detailed manuscript before the deadline in order to be considered for the leaderboard.

Ideally, these manuscripts are separated into sections including an abstract, a short background about the problem and challenge, a section on preprocessing, another on your architecture, another on implementation details including hyperparameter values, a section on inference and post-processing, and then some preliminary results. One or two figures would be nice as well.

We’ve recently received a large number of submissions with manuscripts that are just a few words, and many are not even PDFs, let alone LNCS format. These are not acceptable and will not be scored. I understand if you’re still fleshing out a full draft to be submitted later, but you need to have at least the following before we will provide approximate scores:

  • An author list with your team members (this cannot be changed after you receive an approximate score)
  • An affiliation for each author (it’s okay to say “independent researcher”)
  • At least several paragraphs of text describing your method and preliminary results
  • The document must be a PDF

2 – A point that should go without saying: making submissions from different accounts in order to request more than two approximate scores is not allowed. We have noticed and addressed several cases of this already, and we are conducting periodic reviews of the submissions. If it is discovered that an instance of this went unnoticed and a team received more than two scores, everything from that team after the second scored submission will be discarded. We reserve the right to disqualify teams that repeatedly try to circumvent this rule.

3 — The deadline is 23:59 UTC, July 29. There will not be any extensions!

The KiTS Challenge Organizers


thank you for being so thorough regarding the test set submissions! That is very much appreciated!

When and how will we have to submit the final manuscripts?



There are two meanings of “final” here. First, there are the drafts due at the deadline – these can be provided either with a submission or just as an attachment in a reply to your “KiTS Challenge Submission Score” email chain. Second, there are the camera ready versions that will be published. You will be given until August 9 (>= 1 week after the results are announced) to make your final changes for these, and they will be submitted by email.


Hi, neheller. Does every team need to modify the manuscript after the leaderboard is published? or only top-5 team?


No team is required to, but all will have the opportunity.