Could you please release the code for interpolation?

As you provide 2 version of data (original and interpolated data), could you please release the code that makes the interpolation?

I’m happy to provide this code, although it will probably have to wait until after the deadline because my hands are full at the moment.

One thing to note: the interpolation was performed on the manually drawn loose contours, not the post-processed labels themselves, so it wasn’t as simple as just running a script on the first version to generate the second. Further, some cases were manually touched up after interpolation. You can find a complete description of the process in the data description preprint.

Got it. Thanks for your reply. :grinning:


You said that the code for interpolation would be released after deadline, so I want to know when we could get the codes?

And, I want to know if you mind telling me that how to modify the affine, specifically the orientation and origin of the image, to be the same, like the data in challenge.

In addition, I want to know if the manuscript submitted would be indexed in Google Scholar? and when it is available?

Thank you