Clinical data in KiTS21?


Do you have clinical data for all 300 training cases?
The kits.json file from KiTS19 only contains data from the first 210 cases, and I have not been able to find an updated file in the KiTS21 repository. :slight_smile:

Hello! Yes we have clinical data for the additional 90 and will be releasing it shortly.

The clinical data has been posted! For now it can be found here in a development branch, but it will be merged into master this Thursday. It can now be found on the master branch of the GitHub repo here

Hi again, :slight_smile:
I was also wondering if there will be clinical data available for the test cases?
Or do the test cases only include images?

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The test cases won’t be made publicly available, they will be accessed only by the docker container that you submit to us. The docker containers will be given access to the imaging but not the clinical data.

Oh… okay, thank you.
Just out of curiosity, why do you then provide the clinical data for the training data if it will not be available for the test set?

It’s there just in case anyone is interested in using the dataset for segmentation-based radiomic studies. We had a couple requests for it back in 2019.