Clarification requested about multiple submissions

On March 10, in a reply in the “Welcome to Discourse!” Thread here, it was stated that “You can submit as often as you like during that time, but scores will not be shown until the submission period is closed.” If a team makes multiple submissions, which one is used for judging? i.e. is the most recent submission used, or are they all evaluated and the best one is chosen?

Also, a question about the manuscript: Are we allowed to make modifications to the manuscript after the initial submission?

Thanks for your time!

Thanks for the questions!

If you submit multiple times, the most recent submission will be scored.

After the initial submission, there will be a period in which we “moderate” (not quite peer review) the manuscripts and we may ask for clarification or expansion. These comments will then go back to the authors who will have a chance to make some changes for the “camera ready” versions that will be published.