About Late and Incomplete Paper Submissions

Hello all,

We have gotten a number of questions about whether the deadline might be extended and if papers must be complete by August 23. Hopefully this provides some clarity:

  1. The paper deadline will not be extended past August 23, however -
  2. Submitting an incomplete paper on August 23 is acceptable. It is most important to us that you submit something by the initial deadline so that we can plan to receive your docker submissions during the submission period.

You may continue to work on your paper as you make submissions to the sanity check set during the submission period (Aug 30 - Sep 13). However, please note that your paper must be complete and accepted by the reviewers by the end of the submission period on September 13. Otherwise we will not consider your submission for the official leaderboard.

After the results are announced, you will be given a final opportunity to add the official results to your paper before it is published.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

I just now opened an account at openreview.net for this competition, and found that they have some wait time before they manually approve the account. so right now I’m still unable to submit. They say it’s up to 12 hours, but in my case it’s been longer and I still don’t have access (probably because it’s still night time between Sunday and Monday where they operate, so I don’t blame them).

There’s still plenty of time, but in case me or someone else struggle to get our account by then, maybe you could provide an alternative backup means for submission at least temporary - like e-mail the paper to you or something like that…

EDIT: My OpenReview account was now approved so I’m able to submit.
Leaving this here for your consideration as some people who submit late may encounter this problem…

Thanks for letting me know. Yes, feel free to email your paper to me at helle246@umn.edu if you’re having trouble with the OpenReview site. To make sure I don’t miss it, please put “[KiTS21 Challenge Submission]” in the subject line.

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Hello, the request verification in “your profile” in grand-challenge.org cannot be verified using personal school email or other personal email.What type of email address can be used for verification and con i not submit subsequent dockers without verification?

My understanding is that a school email should work fine, but I would have to defer to the people at grand-challenge on that. Please contact support@grand-challenge.org and ask them how they would like you to proceed. You will need a verified account in order to upload dockers.

Can I submit the first paper submissions within this week for entering into the official leaderboard?

Yes, we can make an exception but sooner is better. Please email me at helle246@umn.edu with your paper submission when you are ready.


I just wonder what is the purpose of these first reviews?. I believe these are not the review for MICCAI conference.:). It is only something like “green light” for docker submission?


Hello! The reason we are reviewing these papers is because we actually are planning to publish these as satellite event proceedings in conjunction with the MICCAI conference.

In my experience, challenge submission reports are often very brief and don’t contain sufficient detail to be published as standalone articles. I think this is a wasted opportunity because challenges could be a great asset for meta research into what methods work best and why.

So this year we implemented the review process to provide feedback and help ensure that papers meet the standards to be published. We hope that this also provides academic credit where it is due to the teams that spend significant amounts of time working on challenges like this.

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Thanks Nicholas, that makes perfect sense. :+1:

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